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In our first-ever volume of The ETHOS Magazine, we’re talking about luck. Luck, in our experience, is a matter of perspective. It’s an amalgam of moments, decisions, and investments. Open the pages to invest in yourself. 


In Volume 1, we cover all kinds of grow basics to help you do just that: genetics nomenclature, growth cycle stages, seed germination, substrates, lighting, dialing-in your environment, optimum plant size, drying and curing, bringing in new genetics, breeding without pollen contamination, and identifying new expressions.


Plus: Riley Breiner, COO of ETHOS, reflects on her relationship with cannabis, her path from Denver to Sweden and back, and how she went from casually growing plants to overseeing the operations of an international seed company that spans 6 continents. 


107 pages, printed and bound in Colorful Colorado.

The ETHOS Magazine Vol. 1 Print

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